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Bon Logistics s.r.o.
Májová 608/23
350 02 Cheb, Czech Republic

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About Us

We founded Bon Logistics in 2015. Our decision to set up a family company was based not only on many years of experience in the field, but also on a love to transportation. We specialise in international road haulage in Central and Western Europe, particularly Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland and the Slovak Republic. We offer a professional approach with emphasis on the quality of services rendered and above standard communication in Czech, English and German. Our motto is We Partner with the Best. We value every partner and we work only with the best, you included. We believe that our individual approach, market knowledge, extensive experience and work in the field will contribute to you becoming even stronger than you are now and that you will see that we too are one of your best partners.

International Road Haulage

We provide road haulage throughout Europe and our services for all transportation needs are offered individually.

Freight Forwarding

Particularly Austria, Benelux, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Slovak Republic and Poland.


We will gladly provide you with customised individual logistics solutions. We offer a wide range of logistics solutions from storage, through distribution, to transportation of goods.