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  • About the company

    Our family-owned company was established in 2015, capitalizing on extensive, long-term experience in the fields of transport and forwarding. We know that dedication to and love of all transport issues is key to quality services. We handle extraordinary tasks on a daily basis, which requires quick decision making and exploitation of our valuable expertise in the areas of logistics and foreign trade.

    Our company specializes in international road haulage in Central and Western Europe. Every day our vehicles can be seen on roads in many countries, in particular in Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. Our clients can rely on our professionalism, focus on the high quality of the services provided, and smooth communication in Czech, German, French and English. Our motto is “the Partner of the Best”. We appreciate every business partner and we cooperate only with the best ones like you. We are convinced that our client-oriented approach, market knowledge, many years of experience and accomplishments in our field will help your business become even stronger than it is and you will see for yourselves that we can be counted among your best business partners.

    We welcome challenges. We grow with your every wish and business order.

    Thank you!

    Team Bon Logistics


  • Freight transport

    Are your clients situated in Central and Western Europe? Do you need to cooperate with a flexible transport and forwarding company which will pick up your cargo within 24 hours from placing an order?

  • Forwarding

    We tackle all forwarding issues with the utmost professional care. Besides ensuring necessary transport services at a short notice, we make sure that every course of transport runs smoothly.

  • Logistics

    It is not easy to plan a transport route from the place of production to a customer. The experts working for Bon Logistics can make the whole process highly effective and straightforward.


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    Bon Logistics s.r.o.

    Májová 608/23
    350 02 Cheb, Czech Republic
    VAT: CZ 042 46 641

    tel: +420 359 604 226
    fax: +420 359 604 225
    e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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